Thursday, October 23, 2014

weeks 24-27

So I decided it is a lot easier to blog about my pregnancy weeks at a time, not only because I'm forgetful, but because some weeks are just plain boring! These past few weeks have been pretty exciting!

Week 24:
Logan got me on a work out plan at our local Golds Gym, which is probably a good idea considering I haven't done anything active during my pregnancy what so ever! My doctor told us that it is much better for delivery and post pregnancy if you start working out now. So I figured I should probably get on that, thanks to Pinterest, I found some great pregnancy work out plans that I have surprisingly been enjoying!

By the end of the week we usually find ourselves in St. George, not only because I work weekends at Blue Linen, but our group of friends live down there as well! This weekend we all decided to take a spontaneous road trip down to Las Vegas for the Iheart radio music festival! Seriously, it was so much fun, we saw so many amazing people play live, from One direction, to Ed Sheeran, to Lil john, and so much more! It was the longest concert I have ever been too, but it also topped the charts being one of the best times ever! The concert got over around 1am, and we were all starving, so we all went to Ihop before hitting the road to head back home!

(I wish I took more photos from the concert but I only took one because my phone died!)

Week 25 & 26:
So these two weeks were pretty laid back! During the week I usually have nothing going on, and the weekends I work down in St. George and we hang out with our friends! Saturday early afternoon I spent the day with my mom, going to lunch and getting in our daily dose of target in! I had to find a baby shower gift for my cousin Gerri, she is having a baby boy literally a week before my little taters arrives! Her baby shower was at my cousin Chelsie's house in St. George, it was the cutest baby shower ever! all my cousins, aunts, and my grandma dine were there, and also Gerri's family and friends. It was so nice to spend the afternoon eating amazing food and spending time with my family! She got so many cute things, and it made me super excited for my baby shower!

 Sunday Logan took me down to Vegas, I had to get some more maternity clothes for our up coming trip to Disneyland! He took me to lunch at my favorite place in the world, cheesecake factory! I could literally eat there all day everyday! I ended up having a wonderful day with my husband, and got a lot of maternity stuff I needed, including some brand new Nike free-run shoes! Thanks hubby you're the best! Also thanks to my amazing dad, he gave me some money for some clothes, because we are a broke newlywed pregnant couple!


pregnant cousins!

Week 27:
Yes, that's right I am finally in my third trimester! Honestly I have no clue where my 2nd trimester went! It seriously flew by in a blink of an eye, I am feeling honestly pretty great! This little girl is so active and her kicks always put a huge smile on my face. This week my hubby took us on a baby moon, we went to Disneyland! I was soo unbelievably excited, Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth! We drove down Wednesday morning and got there around 6 PM. As soon as we got there we got settled into our hotel, (which was conveniently right next to a target!) Logan's dad is in California for his job, he was super close to us so we decided to meet up with him for dinner, then got a great night of sleep because we had to get up early for Disneyland in the morning!

We decided to split Disneyland and California adventures into two separate days, which I am so glad we did because otherwise I would have been so overwhelmed! Since I couldn't ride any of the roller coasters and big rides, we decided to hit everything in the park we have never done! It was so much fun, and there is so many cute rides I had no idea were even there! Around 2:00 we decided to go back to our hotel and rest up and head back later that night.

The next day we went to California Adventures, it was perfect because not a lot of people were there! Disneyland was packed when we went, so we were super excited that this park was dead! We walked onto the cars ride which is seriously the most popular ride, and also a personal favorite! We rode almost every ride besides tower of terror, and screamin. (those are my favorite rides ever) I had the most amazing clam chowder in a bread bowl, seriously it was to die for! Later that night we watched the world of color, I had never seen it before so I was so in love with it! This trip was so perfect, I loved spending quality time with my amazing hubby in the happiest place on earth! Cant wait till Tatum is old enough so we can take her!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 20-23:

WOW! I have some serious catching up to do, I am Currently on week 23 of pregnancy, and let me just tell you, it has been pretty amazing! I cannot believe I have less than 17 weeks left until my little love bug is finally here! These past three weeks were super easy, and flew by with a breeze! I haven't had any new ultrasound visits since week 20, but this little girl is an active one! Reassuring me that she is doing well inside my belly! Logan loves to talk to my stomach, and he finally saw my stomach move from her kicking! He was so excited, and it really makes me feel so happy and blessed.

The Dixie roundup rodeo was this past weekend! We went Thursday and Friday night, the first night we went with Logan's Family, and the second night we went with all our friends! It was super fun to get out and be around the whole town at such a fun event!

Like I said, it has been super laid back and easy breezy for the Vickerys these past few weeks! I can't wait for our next ultrasound to see our little taters! (My grandpa gave her that nick name, I love it!) I promise I will be less of a slacker on my pregnancy blogging! I got a bad case of the pregnancy brain, so spacing every little thing isn't so out of the ordinary for me these days!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 17-20: Mix up!

Wow I can't believe how much of a slacker I have become! So heres whats been going on these past few weeks. Drill team started back up again, so that means, early mornings, and being around the best group of talented girls I know! Also, I got my job back at Blue Linen Boutique in St. George UT. It's seriously the best job in the world, not only because it's the cutest boutique in southern Utah, but I truly enjoy being around the group of girls that work there! Needless to say, I am so happy to be back!

My cousin Chelsi, gave me the greatest gift ever! And I am so excited about it, she gave me her Uppababy Vista stroller! I am so incredibly lucky to have a family who is so helpful and giving. I am obsessed with it, and I don't even have my little one here yet to put it to good use!

Speaking of little one, SHE played a little trick on us! As you all know we announced we were having a little boy a few weeks ago, well that is not the case anymore! We went in to my anatomy ultrasound during my 19th week, we got to see our little bundle of joy and were reassured that the baby is perfectly healthy, and has everything she needs! We were so happy to hear that, but we have an active little baby on our hands, so it was nearly impossible to get a good gender shot. My ultrasound tech scheduled me for another ultrasound the following week, and soon enough I was back in the ultrasound room! As 30 minutes pass by quickly, with no gender shot, the ultrasound tech was almost positive it was a girl. I wanted to know for sure, so I asked her to bring in my doctor, and after lots of waiting and searching he told us it was a girl! Me and Logan were super shocked and of course Logan was a little bummed out he was no longer having a baby boy. But, as it sank in a little we are both so excited to welcome our little Tatum Nicole Vickery to the world!

Also we can feel her move now! She is super active at night, Logan has felt her kick so many times, it is truly amazing!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 16: Gender Time!

Exciting news for the Vickery's this week, and I can't wait to share with everyone! I am a little over 17 weeks pregnant, and I realize I have been slacking! I missed blogging about my 15th week,  I was so sick and in bed all day everyday, so there really was nothing to share! 

Last week was my 16th week and it was over the 24th of July! Usually every 24th I find myself up in Spanish fork with my grandparents, lighting fireworks, and going to fiesta days! Sadly, this year my hubby had to work, so we stayed in Cedar and went swimming together! After swimming, we decided to go get tropical smoothie and drive around to see all the local fireworks! 

I was really bummed this week because I thought I was going to find out the gender of baby V. We arrived at the doctors office and my doctor told me she didn't want to give me my first ultrasound until I was 20 weeks. I was super sad because 20 weeks was a month away, and we were really anxious to find out. My friends had a gender reveal party planned for me that day, but we had to cancel. :( So of course, if you know me, when I want something I make it happen! I found a really great doctors office in cedar, (my other doctor was in St. George) and I told them my situation, they were more than happy to get me into their office for an ultrasound! 

Tuesday July 29th, we had an appointment for our first ultrasound at 11:15 am. I loved the doctors office, everyone was so kind and gave me all the answers I needed! In the ultrasound room we got to see our baby! The first thing the doctor tells us is "it looks like its a girl!" I was so happy, and I immediately threw it in Logan's face, because he was certain it was a boy. Then all of a sudden the baby moves, and the doctor says"oh hold on I see something sticking out, now I am not sure if its a girl or a boy." The baby would not stop moving, and it was taking forever for my doctor to find a result! The doctor told me we would have to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure. I immediately got so sad because I was back to square one! 
All of a sudden the baby turns over and spreads its little legs and BAM it was for sure a boy! Beckham Bret Vickery is on his way, and is happy and healthy! We are so excited to bring our baby boy into the world come January 2015!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vickery Wedding Video

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 14:

So I decided to blog every week from this point on about my pregnancy! I wish I started sooner but since I am officially in my second trimester I thought this would be a perfect time to start showing my progress and talking about what went on this week! Now everyone says, "Second trimester is a breeze", well so far that is not the case for me. Not only am I way more sick than I ever was during my first trimester, but I also have zero energy, and pretty bad Round Ligament pains. Not to mention I had to take a trip to the hospital because I was having really bad pains in my back and side. I got really nervous that something was wrong with little baby V. 

After two long hours of getting tests done and lots of waiting, I finally got an ultrasound, and baby V was doing better than ever! In fact, that little guy/girl couldn't stop moving! The baby also decided to give mom and a dad a nice wave to let us know he/she was doing just fine! (We should find out the sex of the baby really soon!) That was a tear jerker for me, and logan was beyond fascinated! The doctor confirmed that everything with baby was perfect and healthy, it turns out I just had some really bad ligament pain, and a bladder infection. My whole family was so worried because of course this had to happen over our family reunion, so my aunt Deb had my uncle Todd, and my cousin Conner come to the hospital and give me a blessing. I am so thankful for that because not only did I feel better, but I truly felt the spirit, and the love my whole family has for me, and this little baby of ours. After that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the night! The next day we had our family reunion on this little lake in Stansburry, Utah. It was so much fun! We played games and ate amazing food. It was so good to see all of my dads side of the family, there were so many people there and I didn't know everyone! Week 14 has come to an end, and I am so excited to see what's in store for week 15! Stay tuned :)


Aslo I found the perfect maternity shirt at Forever21 
I am slightly obsessed with it:)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guess what..

May 8th, 2014 was the day my life changed forever. for a little while I was feeling a little different and under the weather. Just two days before we were leaving for cancun on our honeymoon we decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Even though we both knew it was impossible because we were being safe, we wanted to rule out the option of being pregnant. 3 minutes go by and I have a positive test, so just to be safe I took 3 more.

Yup! Baby Vickery is on its way! Though we are very exited to start this amazing new chapter in our lives, it wasn't exactly in our plans this early. Finding out I was pregnant was terrifying to me. Here I am newly married, with a husband who is trying to go to medical school, and we already have a bun in the oven! I was scared, and I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault. When I told Logan the news I was balling, but he was fine. He wrapped me in his arms, and said, "Lauren this is amazing, and we can do this." Immediately I felt so much better about the situation. I am so blessed to have such a loving husband who can comfort me, and take my fears away.

We sat down and hatched out a plan. First things first; money. How are we going to afford a baby being newly married, and living in a new town? Being young, poor college students, how are we going to provide this wonderful blessing of ours a beautiful life he/she deserves? We decided to apply for finical help, and we got a lot of options that relieved us both. Bottom line is were going to do this, and its going to be ok!

Our first Doctors appointment was May 9th. We had our first sonogram and there wasn't much to see yet but a tiny little sac with a little circle in it. That little circle is our baby! With tears in my eyes I look over at Logan only to see a huge smile on his face. I was over the moon happy. We have a little family! I asked the doctor when this happened, she pulls out this little wheel and does some math for a few moments and looks up at us and says, "your baby was conceived April 19th." Me and Logan instantly shot a look at each other. As you all know April 19th was our exact wedding night. Yes, we made a honeymoon baby!

-Baby V due: January 8th, 2015

P.s we had to announce the news a little sooner than we wanted.. But news was somehow spreading fast! 

(I know I don't know what I am having yet, BUT I have a mother who is just super excited and wanted to be the first person to buy baby stuff. I think its cute for both genders so I was fine!)

Friday, April 25, 2014

The wedding day

So as some of you know I finally got married last Saturday to the man of my dreams, after 9 long months of planning for the day that we finally get to tie the knot! My stress levels were through the roof, there is so much you have to think about like the cake, the flowers, how you want it decorated, the location, and so much more! It gets really over whelming and at times i would think to myself.. I should have eloped. As the day came closer it starts to set in, wow this is really happening I am getting married!

I finally told myself the wedding day is going to turn out how its supposed to and everything is going to work itself out. The night before the wedding my bridal party did a run through of walking down the isle to the music, and I froze.. This is really happening, I couldn't be more excited.

Finally after a night of zero sleep it was time to start getting ready, and before I knew it I was walking down the isle to meet the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with! My wedding day was seriously a dream come true, it was beyond gorgeous. Though at times it was hectic and crazy it still worked out just how I wanted it, maybe it was perfect because I had the best help a girl could get!

Now that the day is over and I am going on one week of marriage I really miss planning a wedding and looking forward to the wedding day! But I am so beyond excited to see what the future has in store for us. I couldn't be more excited to be Mrs. Lauren Vickery!

These photos were taken by the lovely and talented Hayley Bradshaw photography!