Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The 24th

(Matching mommy and me shirts from

I just really love Utah in July! The 24th of July is always something I look forward too! It's seriously like a second independence day! My family always makes our way to Spanish for UT, for fiesta days. Its so much fun to go to the rodeo and the fair they have in this little town! My nana lives here so we always stay with her and make a fun weekend out of it. This year me and Logan were traveling for work, but we were in New Mexico, so we decided to take a weekend break and meet up with the family for the holiday weekend! We all went to Lagoon and just had such a great time enjoying each others company. Tatum loves being around family, she loves all the attention she gets ;) This summer we haven't seen family hardly at all, so it was nice being able to escape and just have a chill weekend!  

P.s Tatum's cute shirt is from the cutest little shop Alexandrarose handmade! seriously I am obsessed with her shop and everyone should check it out! Thank you Alexandrarose for sponsoring this post! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"The struggle is real"

Is that a hint of a smile I see? :)
Trying to get her to sit still was nearly impossible!

DONUT SHIRT: Soul sunday apparel// LEGGINGS: Little boss shop (no longer available)
BOW: (similar style here)

 Happy hump day! Is it me or is this week draaaaagggging? Its only Wednesday? Maybe it feels so long because I am in a hotel room everyday in GRANTS, NEW MEXICO. There is nothing to do in this town, and I am ready to be back home with family and friends. This week I have teamed up with the cutest little shop soul sunday apparel. This shirt fit this day/week perfectly! Moving from hotel to hotel has been a struggle, and Tatum just wasn't in the mood for pictures! So it seemed very fitting! This shirt is perfect, its light and a casual fit, and it's so dang cute! I'd say thats a win win wouldn't you?! I had a good amount of emails come in for requests on what they would like to see on the bloggy! So I got a pretty good idea of some upcoming posts!
 Stay tuned! 

Monday, July 20, 2015


(no make-up monday ;)

 Happy monday! ( even though its like over) Today we finished moving from hotel to hotel in Grants New Mexico! Not my top choice, but hey we get to spend the morning with dad so not gonna complain! I have been getting a few emails from people requesting tons of different stuff they want me to feature on the bloggy! from hair tutorials to clothing details, to more baby stuff! (never thought i'd be doing this in a million years!) It makes me happy that people request me to feature certain stuff, it makes me feel like I'm doing something right! ;) I have never in my life thought to put myself out there like this, But I've been getting a lot of feedback from people I don't even know on a personal level, that I thought why not explore this?! So this week Im taking requests of things you guys personally want to see! Shoot me an email! I'd love some input! 
Have a great week! xoxo 

Monday, July 13, 2015

The perfect bag

(This whole outfit minus the shoes and bag was from H&M!)

BAG: Humble Hilo// BABY SANDALS: Humble Hilo// PEASANT TOP: Gap (similar here) LEGGINGS: Blue linen boutique (unavailable) BOY: (similar here)

This post is all about a special product that I am obsessed with! I recently teamed up with Humble Hilo, they are a couple of amazing women who bring fashion forward items, but also have such an amazing cause. Each purchase you make with them, a portion of that purchase goes to support one of three projects they offer. (child nutrition, education, and micro finance for women) Not only did I fall in love with all the products they have, but I fell in love with their mission to change lives. It is such a great cause and if you have the time head over to their website and read their "who we are" you will not regret it! here 
I am featuring in this post, the perfect diaper bag! And also the cutest sandals for Tatum. This bag is so gorgeous and so roomy! I call it my "Marry Poppins bag" because it honestly fits EVERYTHING in there! It also comes in tons of different sizes and prints so check it out! I get so many compliments on it whenever I take it out and about. And I use it for a diaper bag, but honestly you can use it for whatever! So its perfect for anyone! So make sure you check them out, they have everything from baby clothes, shoes, bags, toys, and so much more! Tatum loves her shoes, she is always playing with them when they are on her feet. So that obviously means she likes them right? I think so! Special thanks to Humble Hilo for sponsoring this post! check them out! Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The fourth of July!

 This picture was too funny not to share!

This summer we had the opportunity to spend the fourth of July in a completely different town! And I seriously had so much fun! In Perrysburg they celebrate the 4th on July 3rd, so we decided to see what Perrysburg has to offer on one of my favorite days. And it did not disappoint! We walked down main street, ate amazing food, and watched a pretty cool firework show over the water with all our friends! Tatum LOVED the fireworks, she was so mesmerized the whole time, I thought the loud noise would scare her, but she was a champ! On the actual 4th we spent the day by the pool, and then went to dinner with our friends. Later that night we bought sparklers and played with all the little kids . It was really fun to just relax with my hubby for the whole day, and enjoy everyones company. The fourth is one of my favorite holidays, and I look forward to it every year! This year was by far my favorite, because not only was I somewhere completely different, but I had my baby girl by my side!