Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines with the Vickerys

Happy Valentines day to the Vickerys! We decided to go to the zoo, I have never been to the zoo before, so Logan decided to take me and Tatum! It was such a nice day too, I didn't even need a jacket! Seriously, its February in Salt lake city and Im in a tee shirt and jeans and loving it!

Tatum did so incredibly well, she didn't fuss one time, and she was up and wanting to explore everything majority of the time! Have I already said that I have the best baby in the world?! Anyways   it was so much fun seeing all the wild animals and just spending some quality time with my little family! 

My favorite thing about the whole day was seeing the elephant exhibit, I literally found myself heading back that way all day! Logan knows how much I love elephants so he didn't even mind that we spent the whole day in one place. ;) 

Also Solly baby wraps are life changing! She loves being snuggled on my chest so the wrap is the best thing for that! if you're a momma I would seriously get one, they are my favorite!

1 month with Tatum

Has it already been 1 month since I had my little bundle of joy?? Seriously where did the time even go?! I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life than I am right now. Ive also never been more exhausted in my life, but I look into her eyes as I am feeding her or changing her at 4:00 in the morning, with my eyes barley open, and I get an overwhelming feeling of love and joy for this little girl. The exhaustion is totally worth it, the zombie like person I have turned into over the past few weeks, it's worth it, it's all worth it! Because I have the greatest gift you could ever even ask for.

This past month has been life changing, from the fact that I now have a tiny human to care for, to getting used to things I never even thought of having to get used too. Like breast feeding, wow, to be honest I have had a hard time with breast feeding,  Everyone warned me that it hurts at first, but no one told me how much it hurts! OUCH is all I have to say, also she has a really hard time latching, we both get frustrated. luckily, she takes bottles reeeaaally well, so pumping has become my new thing. I'm always hooked up to the pump, but its ok because its getting my little one the milk she needs to grow healthy and strong! Which she is, I see her growing a little bit everyday, it breaks my heart a little because before I know it she won't be this tender little newborn baby anymore. She eventually won't rely on me to do everything for her, it makes me so sad to think about, but it also makes me happy for the adventures to come!

getting used to her has honestly been a breeze, she is the best baby! I am so blessed to have her, she has changed me in so many ways. I feel bad because I know some moms have horrible labors, or colicky babies, and my labor was pretty easy and my baby is the best! Like what newborn baby do you know that sleeps through the night? I feed her at 11:00 pm and she doesn't wake up till 6 or 7 am to feed again, and then she sleeps till 10-11! She doesn't cry unless she is hungry, she loves to snuggle me, and she is so strong! She could lift her head up and look at me the day she was born! That was mind blowing, and now at 1 month old, she can full on hold her head up for 30 seconds to a minute! I just am in aw of her everyday, I can't stop staring at her and kissing her beautiful face! She is honestly a blessing, and I am so lucky.

 A few of my favorite things she does: 

  • snuggles me
  • sleeps on my chest after I burp her
  • her smiles
  • her strength
  • when I kiss her on the lips she smacks her lips together and makes a clicking noise
  • the the noises she makes when she dreams
  • when she smiles in her sleep
  • when she grasps my finger
  • her squeals 
  • she stops crying the minute I hold her
 A few of her favorite things: 
  • being held (not so much since she got her swing)
  • cuddles
  • bath time
  • car rides
  • her swing (OBSESSED is a better word)
  • her binky 
  • squeezing my finger
  • her soft blankets
  • and of course her momma and daddy :)
Something funny I noticed, she used to LOVE being held all the time, she would be sleeping in my arms and the second I put her down she would fuss. We got this swing from target, and she fell in love with it! no joke, she doesn't fuss or cry in it at all! she just relaxes and looks around until she is rocked to sleep. Now I will be holding her and she starts fussing because she wants to be in her swing! It makes me sad because I want to hold her haha but its good too cause now I can get things done! So swings are life saving, but they also take your cuddle time from your baby so its bitter sweet!