Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh the places you will go!


So this summer I told myself I was going to document every place I've visited! I thought no better way then through video so everyone can see all the amazing sites! 

Im no professional videographer, these are just for fun! Enjoy:)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Perrysburg I love you!


HEADWRAPS: EhvAndRiver// STRIPED ONSIE: Old navy (on sale!)// JEAN JEGGINGS: Old navy (similar styler here)// SWIMSUIT: Target//

We had the opportunity to live in Perrysburg, OH this summer! Logan is doing summer sales out here, and I couldn't be more excited! I have never been to Ohio, so this is a whole new world to me! One of Logan's really good friends decided to join the adventure with us! I couldn't be happier because I'm so close with his wife Rachel! We arrived on Sunday super early, Logan and Seth were there to greet us at the airport! (Let me just quickly say I really have the dream baby! She was so perfect on the flight to Detroit, I was in heaven!) It was so wonderful to see Logan after 2 long weeks! I kissed his face and wouldn't let go from hugging him! We spent the next few days settling in, It rained ALL week besides Thursday! Which is fine I love the rain! On Wednesday me, Rachel, and our friend Andrea decided to explore downtown Perrysburg. I instantly fell in LOVE, all the houses are so colonial, and the yards are big and green, its gorgeous. We ate at this amazing burger place called "perrysburgers" I could eat there everyday for the rest of my life and be totally happy! After that we somehow ended up in the local graveyard..? Sounds super weird and random, but it turned out to be the greatest adventure! We saw giant mausoleums that were just insanely pretty! We even ventured down and saw this amazing forest full of flowers! My heart skipped a beat, I was in literal heaven. This place is so beautiful and green, Tatum loved being outside and exploring with us! I can't wait to see what else this summer has to offer us! 
stay tuned! xoxo

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Happy shopping!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer is here!


HEADWRAP: The tiny company (print no longer available) // AZTEC TANK: Target (sold only in storers) // GOLD BRACELET: poppy lane and co.// GOLD SHOES: Old navy// JEGGINGS: Old navy//

 Summer is here and I am not at all mad about it!
How cute is this outfit for Tatum?! Seriously to die for! This head wrap from the tiny company just makes the whole look! It is perfect for early summer weather, she doesn't get too hot but if it happens to cool down at night her legs and feet are covered so she won't get cold! Because we all know this Utah weather has been super bipolar, with wanting to be FREEZING and rain for weeks at a time one minute, to hot as can be and not a cloud in the sky the next!
It's nice to be prepared! If it does happen to get cold through a cute cardigan or jacket over the tank and you are good to go!

 I am super excited to collab with one of my favorite shops for you guys! For today only my followers can save 20% off of any item in The Tiny companies shop! She has so many cute accessories and clothes to choose from! How fun is that? Seriously take advantage of this because it is FAB!

just use code "lauren15" for 20% your purchase and you are set!
ALSO! If you can all take a look at the fact that Tatum is now wearing shoes! WHAT?! Yes, its true she can finally fit in newborn shoes, let me just point out that she is also 5 months old and is just now wearing newborn shoes... tiny feet problems!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

4 months with Tatum

Holy cow has it already been 4 months?! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Not gonna lie it breaks my heart a little bit! You don't realize how fast the baby stage goes by! but honestly I love seeing her grow up, and accomplish new things everyday! She is getting so strong and her personality is coming out more and more everyday! 
I love it!

This month has been so fun! She got blessed by her daddy, and it was such a wonderful thing to see, he did so good and she didn't make a sound! I was so worried she was going to scream the whole time! We had all our close guy friends and family in the circle and I got kind of emotional! I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life!

In these pictures you'll see she is a DROOLER, like its impossible for her not to be covered in drool. She is already teething I think! she has all the signs of it, and she is constantly chewing on anything she can get her hands on! I also feel her tooth when I put my finger on her gums, I know they aren't supposed to teeth until 6 months or so.. I was pretty suprised she is already getting a tooth!
has anyone else had an early teether? Or am I just insane?!

Size: She is still wearing 0-3 clothes, and size 1 diapers! I think we are going to have to start getting size 2 diapers here pretty soon, and her feet STILL don't fit in newborn shoes! socks for days! 

Hair: She still has her fuzzy hair, but I think her new hair is coming in! It looks a little dark and a little wavy! She might have her daddies hair!

Eyes: We still have no idea what her eye color is going to be, they are light but she has a brown spot in her right eye at the top. Her eyes are starting to look like they might be green! 

Food: She is a tub-a-goo! She eats 5-6 ounces every three hours! She is a very good eater, and is still taking pumped milk from a bottle. I am so happy I am still keeping up with her! she hasn't had to even try formula cause I pump so so much!

Sleep: She is an angel baby I swear! She goes to bed at 9pm every night, and sleeps through the night, the last 2 weeks or so she has been waking up around 3-5 because she can now roll over to her belly in her sleep. It freaks me out so I get no sleep cause I'm constantly checking on her! but once I flip her back over and re-swaddle her, she falls back asleep until 10am!

  • Rolls over from belly to back
  • Rolls over from back to belly
  • grabs her toes
  • raises up on her elbows when on her belly
  • gets her knees up under her body when she is on her belly and tries to scooch 
  • motor skills are getting better
  • can pull her binky out of her mouth and put it back in (somtimes)
  • can grab her toys when I hand them to her
  • Tries to sit up by herself (not quite there yet)
  • Tubby time
  • belly time (now that she can roll over)
  • her toys
  • her swing
  • her bumbo
  • her hands and feet
  • libby (my moms dog)
  • the TV (she loves mickey mouse club house)
  • her binky
  • being naked 
  • mom and dad
  • being held
  • the car
  • being laid down flat on her back
  • getting dressed/undressed
  • when you talk while she eats
  • when I leave the room
  • when he milk isn't warm enough (diva baby)


ROMPER: Gap baby// BOW: DIY//