Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 20-23:

WOW! I have some serious catching up to do, I am Currently on week 23 of pregnancy, and let me just tell you, it has been pretty amazing! I cannot believe I have less than 17 weeks left until my little love bug is finally here! These past three weeks were super easy, and flew by with a breeze! I haven't had any new ultrasound visits since week 20, but this little girl is an active one! Reassuring me that she is doing well inside my belly! Logan loves to talk to my stomach, and he finally saw my stomach move from her kicking! He was so excited, and it really makes me feel so happy and blessed.

The Dixie roundup rodeo was this past weekend! We went Thursday and Friday night, the first night we went with Logan's Family, and the second night we went with all our friends! It was super fun to get out and be around the whole town at such a fun event!

Like I said, it has been super laid back and easy breezy for the Vickerys these past few weeks! I can't wait for our next ultrasound to see our little taters! (My grandpa gave her that nick name, I love it!) I promise I will be less of a slacker on my pregnancy blogging! I got a bad case of the pregnancy brain, so spacing every little thing isn't so out of the ordinary for me these days!



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