Saturday, September 19, 2015

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So I finally got a website up and running! yay! head over here! Love you all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

8 months with Tatum

 this picture is out of focus.. but it's so cute I had to share!
despite her face, she loves this dog so so much.

Happiest 8 months of my life! Oh my gosh I am so obsessed with this little bug it's crazy! She is so funny, smart, and obviously ADORABLE. How did I get so lucky? I'm sure every mom says that, but seriously, I wonder how I got so blessed with such an amazing baby! Always been such a good eater and sleeper, that makes things a little easier! This is such a fun age, I love watching her accomplish new milestones, and starting to just figure everything out. She has started to feed herself little things of food I set out for her in her high chair. It's so funny to watch cause she will pick it up with one little curl of her pointer finger, look at it intently, put it in her mouth, and her face will just light up! Like "oh my gosh this is amazing, and I just did that all by myself!" It's the cutest thing to watch, couple things I love that she is starting to do, is when she is tired she will crawl over to me and lay her head on my chest to let me know she is tired. It seriously the cutest thing ever, and it melts my heart! Another thing is, she will stand up all by herself and take one step then of course fall on her bum, but she will immediately look at me with a smile and wait for me to clap and cheer for her ( like I always do) and then she will laugh and get all shy and hide her face. UGH so cute, just thinking about it makes me smile. Her love for dogs is so crazy, anytime she sees a dog she will start laughing, and flapping her arms cause she is so excited, she will spend all of her days crawling around chasing a dog just so she can pet it. She has this stuffed dog she has to have with her at all times. (Even though one of the dogs got ahold of it, and chewed off its nose.) She just snuggles it, and loves on it, and it is her most comforting thing. Whenever she is crying I just give her her "pup" and she snuggles it and stops crying. I LOVE IT. She even says the word "pup" I can't believe how big she is getting! She is already taking steps to walk! WHAT?! Yeah I'm shocked too, she is only 8 months old she can't possibly be trying to walk yet! It makes me sad but also I am so proud of her! These past 8 months have been challenging but sooooo rewarding. Being a mother is the greatest job in the world, and I am so happy she is all mine. She keeps me on my toes but she is my world and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Size: 3-6 months clothes some 6-9 month clothes as well, and size 3 diapers!

Sleep: Goes to bed around 9:00 pm and doesn't wake up till 9:30-10:00! such a great sleeper, takes 2 naps a day and they are never consistent, sometimes they are 30 minutes, other times they are 2 hours!

Food: eats three solid Meals a day, and has a Formula bottle every 3-4 hours. Her favorite fruits are apples, watermelon, and mangos. Her favorite veggies are sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and carrots. She loves those little puff snacks too! And the baby food in pouches where she can feed herself are a fave, she loves that she can feed herself!

Hair: Still not a lot of hair, but it's coming in a little more! It looks light brown!

Eyes: Super green in the sun, and other times they either look blue or brown, Still no set color! But they are so so pretty! 

  • crawls
  • stands up by herself
  • is taking steps
  • says "pup"
  • can pick up food and feed herself
  • gives kisses
  • dogs
  • feeding herself
  • bottles
  • her binky
  • her swaddle blankets
  • bath time
  • toys 
  • her stuffed puppy
  • attention from anyone!
  • being tickled
  • mirrors
  •  fans
  • my phone
  • getting dressed
  • getting her diaper changed
  • her car seat
  • laying down on her back
  • when you take something away

Monday, August 24, 2015

Park time!

head-wrap (old)
baby shirt
shoes (similar here)

WOW! I am so sorry I have been so M.I.A! These past few weeks have been so hectic, but now I am back into the swing of things! So no more long blogging breaks! (I promise) These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we were visiting Family in the Provo area. Me and Tatum were bored and missing dad, so we took a trip to the park to watch the sunset and feed the ducks! Tatum couldn't take her eyes off the ducks the whole time! She loves all animals, the second she sees one, she starts laughing and flapping her arms or blows raspberries! It's the sweetest thing in the whole world! She is such a blessing! She keeps me laughing all the time! Also, I found a new love! These baby moccs are to die for! And they stay on her feet so well, that's important for this little go girl! Everyone needs to check out Sweet N Swag (cutest name EVER.) They have a great variety of baby moccs for boys and girls! They also sell some other goodies as well! they are awesome! stay tuned I have so many fun posts coming up with some great shops! Happy Monday! 

HUGE thanks to sweet N swag for sponsoring this post!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Little black bag

I know my nails so so cute, I have a bad habit of picking my nail polish off :/

Top (similar)
Pants (color unavailable)
Shoes (last season)
Bow (self made, but can buy from me:)

This week I got the opportunity to work with one of my all time favorite diaper bag companies! Fawn design does mommy bags so right! From the perfect fit and style to the fact thats it's so durable to all the things moms face day to day! Lets just say I LOVE IT! Even if you don't need a diaper bag, its perfect for anyone! Serioulsy check them out here. We spent the weekend in Salt lake city and hit up the DIY craft fair there, craft lake city. I loved seeing all the cute shops, and the atmosphere there was unbeatable! I had this amazing snow cone in a pineapple! It was soooo good I could probably eat 20 of them! All and all this weekend was amazing!

Thank you SO much to fawn design for sponsoring this post! you are amazing!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Seven months with Tatum

Bow (no longer available)
Chambray shirt
Shirt (no longer available)
Shorts (no longer available)

 I say this EVERY TIME. But holy cow my baby is just growing so fast! I was recently going through all of her clothes, and stumbled upon all her newborn stuff. It's so crazy how she used to be that small! This is age is by far my favorite, she is so funny, and so advanced! she is already starting to stand up all by herself! She can stand up for like 3-4 seconds before she falls down. (lots of bums on her poor little noggin) She is becoming a lot more sassy I tell ya. If she doesn't get her way she stiffens her arms out straight and screams. She is into EVERYTHING now that she is mobile. The funny thing is, she doesn't crawl like a normal baby. She crawls on her hands and feet, which is exactly what Logan did when he was a baby! I think it is sooo funny! she doesn't lift her head up when she crawls either, so she runs into everything. She now says "dada" all. Day. Long. It used to be momma but not anymore :( at least it was her first word though! She is such a mommas girl, she doesn't want anyone else. She just constantly wants me to hold her. But she loves attention from people, if she isn't getting attention she will make loud noises and flap her arms until someone looks at her and then she will just laugh and smile! I love watching her grow and achieve new milestones everyday. She is such a blessing and I can't say this enough, but I am so so lucky to be her mom. Its the most rewarding thing in the world!

Size: Still in 0-3 month clothes, but starting to fit in 6-9 month! Still size 2 diapers and size 0-1 in shoes!

Sleep: Goes to bed at 9:00 pm and wakes up around 8:30-9:00 am. Takes two naps a day that usually range from an hour to two hours! The best sleeper!

Food: She now has a few formula bottles because I am slowing down on milk supply :( She drinks 6-7 ounces every three hours and eats a solid breakfast and a solid dinner!

Hair: Slowly but surely growing some hair! She has a few really long stringy hairs on the side of her head, and its coming in super light!

Eyes: She has all three colors in her eyes! No joke, they are sooo pretty they are super green in the the sun! so big and round!

  • crawling (stink bugging)
  • says "momma" and "dada"
  • pulls herself into standing position
  • stands up all by herself for a few seconds
  • passes toys hand to hand
  • gives kisses
  • picks things up super well
  • puts her binky in all by herself

  • Her binky
  • cuddles
  • kisses
  • giving kisses
  • bath time
  • her stroller
  • her toys
  • her swaddle blankets
  • her swing
  • anything that makes noise
  • my phone
  • her aunts and uncle
  • grandparents
  • dogs
  • nap time
  • cartoons (princess sofia and mickey mouse clubhouse)

  • getting her face wiped off
  • boogers sucked out of her nose
  • laying down flat
  • getting dressed
  • getting her diaper changed
  • her car seat
  • the car :(
  • when you take things away from her