Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I am super behind and wanting to post about my wedding! But I figured I should share my beautiful engagements done by no other than my best friend Kenna wild, soon to be Kenna Orr photography! She always does an amazing job! I also want to post my Bridals she took as well, I am OBSESSED with all of these pictures so enjoy :)

These are the Gatsby Engagements! We decided to the throw our wedding theme into the engagements, and I am so glad we did because they turned out so amazing!

 These were taken in Pine valley, and although it was absolutely FREEZING it was so worth it!   
The pictures turned out gorgeous and I couldn't be happier with them! 

My bridals turned out so unbelievably gorgeous, they are exactly how I wanted them and more! not to mention the weather was awesome! The locations we chose were super last minute ideas that totally worked better than we ever expected! My bouquet was to die for! seriously I was so impressed if you ever need floral arrangements done bloomers is a must! 


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