Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines with the Vickerys

Happy Valentines day to the Vickerys! We decided to go to the zoo, I have never been to the zoo before, so Logan decided to take me and Tatum! It was such a nice day too, I didn't even need a jacket! Seriously, its February in Salt lake city and Im in a tee shirt and jeans and loving it!

Tatum did so incredibly well, she didn't fuss one time, and she was up and wanting to explore everything majority of the time! Have I already said that I have the best baby in the world?! Anyways   it was so much fun seeing all the wild animals and just spending some quality time with my little family! 

My favorite thing about the whole day was seeing the elephant exhibit, I literally found myself heading back that way all day! Logan knows how much I love elephants so he didn't even mind that we spent the whole day in one place. ;) 

Also Solly baby wraps are life changing! She loves being snuggled on my chest so the wrap is the best thing for that! if you're a momma I would seriously get one, they are my favorite!


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