Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2 months with Tatum

look closely, that is poop on the floor!

WHAT THE HECK! How do I already have a two month old baby girl?! seriously people time is flyyyying by and its really kind of bittersweet. I love seeing her grow and learn new things, but at the same time, I want to keep her tiny and snuggle her forever.


  • Being held by momma
  • her daddy {seriously obsessed with him, she only laughs for him} 
  • her binky {life saving}
  • bath time
  • being naked
  • being lifted in the air
  • her swing & the bears hanging from her swing
  • getting her diaper changed
  • bottles
  • car rides


  • getting dressed
  • when I leave the room
  • getting boogers sucked out of her nose {she screams bloody murder}
  • breast feeding :(
  • being swaddled 
  • tummy time
  • when you talk while she is eating
  • being held like a baby {she insists on sitting up}


 I haven't had her doctors appointment yet but I'm guessing she weighs around 10 pounds. She is still in newborn clothes, but we are slowly transitioning into 0-3 month clothes. 


I am trying to get her on an earlier sleeping schedule... But its not working out. Right now she falls asleep around 12 am - 1 am, but she sleeps in till 8-9 am without waking up at all through the night! She eats when she gets up then takes a two hour nap, she naps 2-3 times a day!


 We tried breast feeding, but she has struggled with latching from day one, it would take her forever to latch and there was frustration and tears from me and her every time. My mom suggested I give her a bottle of my pumped milk after 2 weeks of struggling, and she immediately took the bottle like a champ! I still try and breast feed her from time to time, but she just isn't having it. So my new hobby is pumping, I pump all the live long day, and I usually get between 4-8 ounces every time. It just depends on how much I eat or drink, also I have been taking Fenugreek pills which has helped my milk supply A TON! like life changing amounts of milk I tell ya. She eats usually 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours, she loves mommies milk just not mommies boob.


  • giggles
  • coo's
  • Is starting to copy
  • she has rolled over from belly to back one time! {hasn't done it since}
  • smiles
  • recognizes me and daddy
  • reaching for objects {doesn't grab them yet}
  • holds her head up
  • laughs
  • squeals


she doesn't have a a lot of hair quite yet, and its a medium brown color. On the top its really thin, but on the back bottom she has a lot! My mom calls it the dust ruffle which I think is hilarious.


Her eye color is a mystery, right now everyone thinks they are going to be blue, they are really light blue color like my dads eyes. Me and Logan both have brown eyes so we can't believe her eyes are so light! But on the top left side on her right eye she has a brown spot, then the rest is blue, and the other eye is completely blue! So we are just playing the waiting game to see what color they will be!

 Traits from mom and dad 

Everyone says she looks exactly like me, even logan, he said I basically cloned myself! but here are some things we've noticed that come from her dad and I.

  • Nose
  • Lips
  • her face
  • hair
  • ears
  • long body
  • feet
  • mouth
  • eyes
  • legs
 Funny things 

We have noticed some things she is starting to do that honestly make me laugh! For instance, while she is being fed her bottle she does not like when you talk, not kidding, if you have a conversation with someone while she is eating she starts fussing and getting mad. The second you stop talking she continues to eat. Another thing she does is she hates being held like a baby, she just wants to sit up by herself on the couch! MISS INDEPENDENT


  1. My baby was exactly like Tatum when it came to eating. He hated nursing from the first time I tried to nurse him after he was born. after two weeks I started doing breast milk from a bottle and I swear Angels started singing! I felt so guilty that he hated breastfeeding but as time went on I realized it's better he is eating out of a bottle and developing properly then being nursed. Good work on finding what works for both of you! :)

    1. oh yay! I felt the same way! like a weight being lifted when she took the bottle! I look at it as she is still getting my milk that I make for her and its ok if it has to be put in a bottle!

  2. Such a cute family! Your hate list reminds me of my little man when he was that age. It gets easier so hang in there!