Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer is here!


HEADWRAP: The tiny company (print no longer available) // AZTEC TANK: Target (sold only in storers) // GOLD BRACELET: poppy lane and co.// GOLD SHOES: Old navy// JEGGINGS: Old navy//

 Summer is here and I am not at all mad about it!
How cute is this outfit for Tatum?! Seriously to die for! This head wrap from the tiny company just makes the whole look! It is perfect for early summer weather, she doesn't get too hot but if it happens to cool down at night her legs and feet are covered so she won't get cold! Because we all know this Utah weather has been super bipolar, with wanting to be FREEZING and rain for weeks at a time one minute, to hot as can be and not a cloud in the sky the next!
It's nice to be prepared! If it does happen to get cold through a cute cardigan or jacket over the tank and you are good to go!

 I am super excited to collab with one of my favorite shops for you guys! For today only my followers can save 20% off of any item in The Tiny companies shop! She has so many cute accessories and clothes to choose from! How fun is that? Seriously take advantage of this because it is FAB!

just use code "lauren15" for 20% your purchase and you are set!
ALSO! If you can all take a look at the fact that Tatum is now wearing shoes! WHAT?! Yes, its true she can finally fit in newborn shoes, let me just point out that she is also 5 months old and is just now wearing newborn shoes... tiny feet problems!


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