Saturday, May 2, 2015

4 months with Tatum

Holy cow has it already been 4 months?! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Not gonna lie it breaks my heart a little bit! You don't realize how fast the baby stage goes by! but honestly I love seeing her grow up, and accomplish new things everyday! She is getting so strong and her personality is coming out more and more everyday! 
I love it!

This month has been so fun! She got blessed by her daddy, and it was such a wonderful thing to see, he did so good and she didn't make a sound! I was so worried she was going to scream the whole time! We had all our close guy friends and family in the circle and I got kind of emotional! I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life!

In these pictures you'll see she is a DROOLER, like its impossible for her not to be covered in drool. She is already teething I think! she has all the signs of it, and she is constantly chewing on anything she can get her hands on! I also feel her tooth when I put my finger on her gums, I know they aren't supposed to teeth until 6 months or so.. I was pretty suprised she is already getting a tooth!
has anyone else had an early teether? Or am I just insane?!

Size: She is still wearing 0-3 clothes, and size 1 diapers! I think we are going to have to start getting size 2 diapers here pretty soon, and her feet STILL don't fit in newborn shoes! socks for days! 

Hair: She still has her fuzzy hair, but I think her new hair is coming in! It looks a little dark and a little wavy! She might have her daddies hair!

Eyes: We still have no idea what her eye color is going to be, they are light but she has a brown spot in her right eye at the top. Her eyes are starting to look like they might be green! 

Food: She is a tub-a-goo! She eats 5-6 ounces every three hours! She is a very good eater, and is still taking pumped milk from a bottle. I am so happy I am still keeping up with her! she hasn't had to even try formula cause I pump so so much!

Sleep: She is an angel baby I swear! She goes to bed at 9pm every night, and sleeps through the night, the last 2 weeks or so she has been waking up around 3-5 because she can now roll over to her belly in her sleep. It freaks me out so I get no sleep cause I'm constantly checking on her! but once I flip her back over and re-swaddle her, she falls back asleep until 10am!

  • Rolls over from belly to back
  • Rolls over from back to belly
  • grabs her toes
  • raises up on her elbows when on her belly
  • gets her knees up under her body when she is on her belly and tries to scooch 
  • motor skills are getting better
  • can pull her binky out of her mouth and put it back in (somtimes)
  • can grab her toys when I hand them to her
  • Tries to sit up by herself (not quite there yet)
  • Tubby time
  • belly time (now that she can roll over)
  • her toys
  • her swing
  • her bumbo
  • her hands and feet
  • libby (my moms dog)
  • the TV (she loves mickey mouse club house)
  • her binky
  • being naked 
  • mom and dad
  • being held
  • the car
  • being laid down flat on her back
  • getting dressed/undressed
  • when you talk while she eats
  • when I leave the room
  • when he milk isn't warm enough (diva baby)


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