Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 Months with Tatum

 K, lets just talk about how fast these last 5 months have gone! Oh my gosh, insanely quick, I can’t believe I already have a 5 month old! She is the best baby, and I truly am really really blessed! This age is by far my favorite so far! Her personality is starting to really shine through! I love her so so much and she is so much fun!

Also this is her first picture of her sitting up all by herself! I was freaking out! 

Size: 0-3 but slowly transitioning into 3-6 month stuff! her feet finally fit in newborns! And diapers she is now wearing a size 2.

Sleep: Still the best sleeper, goes to bed at 9 and doesn’t wake up till 8:30-9 am. She now takes longer naps! she takes one around 12-1 thats about two hours and then another around 4-5 thats about an 1-2 hours! 

Food: Still eats 5-6 ounces every 3 hours, and I am still keeping up with milk! I am so happy about that! 

  • can roll over multiple times (rolls all over the house)
  • squeals, non stop!
  • can pass a toy from hand to hand
  • reaching for people and objects
  • can grab her toes and put them in her mouth
  • can put her binky in her mouth by herself
  • can hold her own bottle and feed herself
  • learned to sit up by herself
  • can raise up on her arms when on her tummy
  • laughs all the time!

  • tubby time
  • the sound of her voice
  • naps
  • going bye bye
  • flirting with strangers
  • her binky
  • her toys
  • being held
  • pull hair
  • touch my face
  • her hands in her mouth
  • her swaddle blankets touching her face

  • being on her back
  • being held like a baby
  • getting put in her car seat
  • getting her face wiped off
  • getting boogers sucked out of her nose


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