Friday, March 27, 2015

3 months with Tatum

WOW! what an amazing three months it has been with this little chick-a-dee! She is sooo much fun you guys, everyone just needs a baby in their life, cause I can honestly say I have never been more happy in my entire life! 

I can't believe how fast she is growing! We had her 2 month check up a little late this month, but her pediatrician told me she is growing perfectly and she is super advanced! yay! I was really happy to hear that because I don't know about you, but whenever I go to any sort of doctor appointment I get super nervous. So good news is always a weight being lifted off my shoulders! On another note, babies getting shots is a heart breaker! actual tears from this momma! I was so stressed about it because I used to go to my little brother and sisters appointments with my mom and she would ball like a baby every time! So I totally knew what was coming and I was super stressed! But its totally the right thing to do, I know some people opt to not getting shots, but I am way too paranoid and know there are way to many diseases out there! I would much rather play it safe and keep my babe safe! 

 This Month 

size: She weighs 10 pounds and 11.5 ounces! {23%}  She is 22.5 inches long {52%} She is fully in 0-3 month clothes! And size 1 diapers, as for her feet, she still doesn't even fit in her newborn shoes :( she has such tiny feet! 

Hair: She is actually starting to grow a little more hair! And it is coming in darker than I thought it would! {me and her daddy were both blondies when we were babes} She still has her glorious dust ruffle at the bottom back of her head!

Eyes: Her eyes are still pretty light blue! They even look like they might turn green! So weird because I would have never expected her to have blue or green eyes because her dad and I both have Brown!

Food: She still eats 6 oz every three hours! She is a chunk, and mom is still pumping all day long!

Sleep: She goes to sleep at 9:30 pm every single night, it is suuuch a nice change because she used to go to sleep at midnight every night and it was exhausting! But she doesn't wake up until 9:30-10 am! She completely sleeps through the night! Everyone tells me how lucky I am because most babies are up all night long! My babe loves her sleep!

  • holds her head up completely
  • is starting to try and sit up by herself
  • rolls over from tummy to back 
  • can bring her hands to her face
  • better motor skills
  • smiles
  • sucks on her hands
  • reaches for objects and grabs them for a second
  • squeals and coo's
  • is starting to copy 

Funny things: Whenever she wants attention she just screams at the top of her lungs, it always makes me laugh! She has now mastered the pouty face, she seriously gets whatever she wants when she does the pouty lip! She talks back to me when I talk to her and she talks to her bears hanging from her swing its the cutest thing ever she just squeals and coo's at them all day!

  • Tubby time
  • being held
  • sitting up like a big girl
  • getting her diaper changed
  • car rides
  • her binky
  • her toys
  • her mamma roo
  • standing 
  • being lifted in the air
  • being outside
  • being naked 
  • watching tv

  • tummy time
  • being held like a baby
  • getting boogers sucked out of her nose
  • when I am out of her sight
  • when you talk while she eats
  • getting dressed


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