Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fishing proposal!

So our two close friends Kyler Walker and Brianne Davis got engaged yesterday! I am so incredibly happy I got to witness this, because it was probably the cutest thing EVER! These two are perfect for each other in every way!

Our talented photographer friend Kenna Orr was out of town for this so I volunteered my camera and my not so talented picture taking self to capture this incredible moment!
Kyler decided we should all go fishing in Pine-valley, and he took her away from everyone to go "fish." Me and my friend Sierra pretended to go on a nature walk in their direction, 
They were fishing alone for a minute, then Kyler knelt on one knee and proposed!
It was the cutest thing, and she was so surprised!
We all went to Kyler's house for crepes and to just be around their families to enjoy this fun time in their life!

Thanks so much for letting us be apart of your special day Kyler and Bri! We love you guys to pieces!


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