Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas in Disney

Recently over the week of Christmas my dad and step mom decided to take all 10 kids to California and discover the whole disneyland experience! Most all the little kids had never been, so to them it was a Christmas Miracle. Now I know what you're thinking.. thats one large blended family, which it totally is, and at times it was a little hectic! But all in all there was no fussing and no fighting cause lets face it we were spending Christmas in the happiest place on earth right? So lets take a moment and just focus on how many little crazy kids we're talking about; my dads kids are me, my sister Ashlee who is 18, and Lilee and Aiden who are twins and they are 9. Also, my logy bear (fiancĂ©) got to jump in on this crazy train. My step mom has Mac 7, Quincey 11, Tate 12, Sydney 15, and last but not least Will who is 17. Overwhelming right? Yeah it was crazy but it was also way too much fun to worry about just how many wild little kids we had in our big bunch of 12. The trip consisted of 2 days at disneyland and California adventure, 2 days at the beach/ retail therapy at the local shops, and on our last day we decided to stop by Knottsberry farm and hit up some of the thrilling rides there. Also, before heading home it was a huge deal to me that we visited the beach where I decided to become Mrs. Lauren Vickery. So as a family we ventured to Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach California. It is by far one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, and not to mention it holds a dear spot in my heart. 


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