Thursday, January 9, 2014


Good morning and happy thursday! So today i thought i would get a little more personal and take a Q&A and share it with all of you! Enjoy :)

What is your guilty pleasure? Keeping up with the Kardasians..

Favorite T.V show? FRIENDS! I have all ten seasons memorized..

Male celebrity crush? oooo Zach Effron

Favorite color to wear? Black.

What are you obsessed with right now? Leather jackets and my converse shoes.

What is one thing that can always make you smile? My dog libby

What would you be happy doing for hours on end? Cuddling and watching movies:)

What is one thing you always disagree on as a couple? Probably who is right in an argument. 

What is one thing you agree on? What we want for our future. 

What is something you need to work on? The fact that I think I am never wrong. 

What is one thing your significant other needs to work on? Being stubborn.

What is your favorite Olympic event? Probably the gymnastic event, those girls are crazy talented!

If you had the money to buy your significant other any one thing right now what would you get them? tickets to the 2014 world cup in Brazil. 

Would you rather be blind or deaf? Deaf, the world is too beautiful. 

What is one thing you admire about your mother? Her advice and willing to always help me. 

What is one food you hate? Well.. I'm pretty picky so I don't like much but I loathe steak entirely
Who is your favorite super hero? Iron man :)

What will your first born daughters name be? Tatum Nicole Vickery

Biggest pet peeve? people chewing loud. 

What was your favorite subject in school? English/ writing 

Biggest pet peeve your significant other does? He is always late.. and takes longer to get ready than me.

You just scored 5 dollars what do you buy? Vanilla chai at swig!

What were your first thoughts when you first met your significant other? I had the strongest feeling that i couldn't explain at the time.. now I know that I knew I was going to spend the rest of my days with this good-looking guy!

What did you do on your first date with your significant other? um... pretty sure we just went to Cafe Rio for lunch and just talked!

What was your favorite day with your significant other? Logan made me a little scavenger hunt that led me to a candle lit dinner by this beautiful pond.
If you had a 100,000 dollars and you had to spend it, what would you spend it on? Definitely a trip to the South of France with Logan for 2 weeks and a new car for us both 

What does your dream vacation look like? Somewhere tropical with Logan away from all the stress and not having a care in the world :)

Who is your celebrity role model and why? Um.. right now Jennifer Lawrence because she is so funny and so down to earth. 

What is your most embarrassing moment? Well.. I flashed this poor boy while swimming with friends once in 9th grade and i didn't even know about for like 5 minutes... whoops..

What physical feature do you love most about yourself? My nose.

Why is your name your name? My mom worked for Polo Ralph Lauren and I am pretty sure Lauren was the name of her favorite perfume.

Are you a morning person or night person? Neither.. I enjoy my sleep.
What Quality do you have that you hope your kids inherit? Always being on time to things.
What is the weirdest thing your significant other does while sleeping? Punches me in the face :/

Which of the seven deadly sins are you? ( anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony)

Favorite hiding place as a kid? The hall closet

What music do you like that your other half hates? Logan hates everything i listen too! I like weird music ok

What is your favorite restaurant? Cheesecake factory all the way!

What do you admire most about your significant other? He is the most kind hearted loving person I know.

What is one thing all of your friends and family would say about you? "this girl loves salmon and carmellos"

Ideally where would you like to be in 5 years? Financially stable, starting a family, and Logan almost being done with medical school. 

Who wears the pants in the relationship? ha.. ME. 

Worst fear? SPIDERS. 

Celebrity girl crush? Katy Perry.

Future sons name? Beckam Bret Vickery.

How did you and your other half meet? A bon fire with a bunch of people, our eyes locked from across the fire.. romantic i know!

What would you like to do when you retire? TRAVEL. 

What is a talent you wish you were better at? singing.
Describe your other half in three words? Smart, funny, passionate 

What about the world makes you sad? Just how scarier and scarier its getting.

What about the world do you love? Just how beautiful it is.
What is your favorite song right now? I don't have one right now..

If you weren't currently married/dating your other half right now where do you think you'd be? Probably up at UVU living in Provo.
What is your favorite thing you did this summer? Lake Powell with friends:)

How would a classmate describe you in school? Um.. hopefully that I'm nice!

What do you do on your bad days to make you happy? Go hang out with friends

What does your significant other do on your bad days to make you happy? He cuddles me, comforts me, and usually gets me chocolate

When you go to an event/party what food do you hope to see there? Cute cupcakes!

If you were stuck on a deserted island who are the 3 people you would want to be there with you? Definitely Logan and probably Kenna and Cady cause at least i would be laughing the entire time with those two there!

What is your favorite time of day? Early afternoon.

Favorite road trip snack? Carmello and a Gatorade.
What is your favorite classic Disney movie? Mulan 

Key to success? Just staying positive and happy.


  1. cute post low:) aaaaand i have little brother named Beckam. spelled the same way too!;) its a good one