Sunday, January 5, 2014


So obviously I am playing catch up, and one thing I really wanted to get to was New Years resolutions, and being honest here, one of my resolutions was.. can you guess it? YUP blog :) and don't worry this is a resolution I plan on powering through! I also want to share some other plans I came up with to take a whack at this year.

Blogging- because its good for the soul.

Yoga at least 3 times a week- it's healthy for the body & mind.

Start traveling more- who wouldn't want to see the world?

Plan my dream wedding- and not die a stress related death!

Learn to cook- because i have a soon to be hubby who loves to eat!

Cut out junk food & eat more greens- the feeling of healthy food in your body is so much better than the feeling you get from junk food.

Stay positive- life throws you curve balls but why dwell?


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