Thursday, July 2, 2015

6 months with Tatum

BAG: humblehilo// SHOES: humblehilo// BOW: made by me//
A post featuring the bag and shoes will be posted later this next week!

Oh my gosh you guys, how in the heck has it already been 6 months! I think I say this every time, but where is the time even going?! She is so amazing and is such a blessing to our lives. This month has been my favorite so far, she has learned to sit up all by herself and even CRAWL! What?! Ya you heard me. She started crawling this week, my life just got 100 times harder, but I don't even care cause I am just so proud! Her personality is coming through more and more everyday! She does this new thing that when she is excited she flaps her arms scrunches up her nose and starts snorting like a pig! It makes me laugh every time. She has also become such a mommies girl, anytime I leave the living room and walk into the kitchen she starts crying. Even if she is being held by someone else, she gets so sad :( She is into EVERYTHING, and even trying to change her diaper is a huge task, cause this little lady just wants to move! Another favorite thing she does is she sings, more like squeals at the top of her lungs for as long has she can go. She does this for at least a half an hour straight all the time! She is so much fun, and I thank the lord everyday for blessing my life with her. I couldn't be more lucky to be her mother, she is such a beautiful soul. I can't wait to see the young woman she grows up to be. Happy 6 months my darling baby I love you more than you'll ever know!

Size: Still in 0-3 month clothes (slowly transitioning to 3-6) size 2 diapers and is now wearing all her 0-3 month shoes!

Food: Now starting solids! I've only given her fruit and veggie purees but she loooves them! She gets so excited to eat like a big girl! Something sad I noticed is whenever she has wheat she throws up for about 2 hours :( So I'm dealing with her first allergy I think. She eats 5-6 ounces of breast milk every three hours!

Sleep: Still the best sleeper ever! she now takes longer naps, about 3 naps a day and each last 1-2 hours. Then we put her down for bed around 9 pm and she sleeps through the night till 9-9:30 am. Still sooo blessed to have such a good sleeper!

  • sits up by herself
  • crawling
  • eating solids
  • can put her binky in her mouth by herself
  • says momma (only when she cries)
  • rolls over (and over... and over...)
  • stink bugs (waks on her hands and feet)
  • pulls herself in a standing position

  • Bath time
  • Trying new foods
  • Her binky
  • Her momma
  • Her toys
  • My phone
  • The TV
  • Giving kisses
  • Puppies
  • Boys ;)
  • Her swaddles

  • getting her diaper changed
  • getting dressed
  • lying down on her back
  • the car :( 
  • getting her face wiped


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